No expert on raising bilingual kids and want info that actually applies to YOUR family?

Get the answers and information you need for your unique situation. Book a video call or in-person meeting with Anne.

Personalized Consultation for Your Family [online or in-person]

Get answers to your questions about raising your child(ren) with more than one language and hands-on strategies and practical tips for your family and unique situation. The consultation is tailored to your family, the particular languages involved in your life and the questions you have and the things you would like to discuss or know more about. Situations that families have asked about include:

  • I just had a baby and want to teach her my language.

  • We just moved to a new country and our children don't speak the local language.

  • My kids are older and don't speak my language.

  • My son used to be fluent in my language but doesn't speak it anymore.

  • My daughter is already bilingual and we want her to go into French immersion.

  • I am considering French immersion for my son but I don't speak any French myself.

  • I'm not sure how to navigate our languages now that my children are in school.

  • etc.

Video call 60 minutes $155 (follow-up appointment: $145)

Connect with Anne from anywhere in the world from your phone, desktop, mobile or tablet device. Available world-wide. In English or German.

In a video call, we focus on your specific situation, the questions you have about your family and practical strategies and tips that work for your family and goals.

In-person meeting 1 hour and 30 minutes $225 (follow-up appointment $215)

One-on-one meeting to discuss how to reach your family's language goals given your unique situation and language combinations. In the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area only (travel fee of $0.61 per km applies outside of North Vancouver).

In an in-person meeting, we focus on your specific situation, the questions you have about your family and practical strategies and tips that work for your family and goals.

Workshops for Bilingual and Multilingual Families [online or in-person]

Hands-on strategies and practical information to help families raise multilingual children

  • How can my child become fluent in both English and my native language?

  • What do I do when my children mix the two languages?

  • What do I do when my children are reluctant to speak my language?

  • Should we do French immersion?

  • When should my children start to learn English?

  • Does bilingualism cause language delay?

  • What about reading and writing in each language?

Workshops provide parents with answers to their questions as well as hands-on strategies and practical information. In a workshop, participants will:

    • learn numerous practical strategies to address the challenges of bringing up children with more than one language,

    • receive expert answers to their questions about their unique situation and language combinations, and

    • develop an action plan to reach their family's language goals.

Workshops can be tailored to a specific audience. Examples:

  • Raising multilingual children in Vancouver

  • Tips & tricks for French immersion families: Your questions answered

  • Welcome to Vancouver: Balancing English and your native language

  • Raising trilingual children

  • Raising children with [insert specific language here] in Vancouver

  • Reading and writing in multiple languages

  • etc.

Would you like a workshop for bilingual families in your area? Contact me to request a workshop.

Presentations for Professionals [online or in-person]

Custom presentations on child multilingualism topics for professionals such as early childhood educators, librarians, community health nurses, speech language pathologists, doctors, teachers and school administrators on a variety of topics surrounding multilingual first language acquisition and child multilingualism. Examples:

    • Multilingual literacy: learning to read and write in two or more languages

    • French immersion

    • Bilingualism in children with language disorders

    • Multilingual children in school

    • etc.

Contact me to request a presentation for you and your colleagues.