Most people prefer to email me at to ask a question or set up an appointment because it's fast and efficient. 

I am generally available to meet (in Vancouver (PT) time):

Booking interface

If you prefer to book online, feel free to use the interface below to book a video call or in-person meeting.  Select a time to reserve it. I will be in touch with you shortly and answer any questions you may have about the reservation and confirm your booking. Note that I am also available for meetings at other times, so if you can't find a time that works for you, please email me.

VIDEO CALL (ZOOM): You can connect with me from anywhere in the world from your phone, desktop, mobile or tablet device. In English or German. Times are given in Vancouver, Canada time  (PT, Pacific Time). You can convert time zones at timeanddate.

IN-PERSON MEETING:  Flexible locations (e.g., coffee shop, library) in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area. Travel allowance rates apply.