Bilingual Family Consulting

Answers for Bilingual Families

Hands-on strategies & practical information to support families in raising children with more than one language

As a consultant for multilingual families, I support families in raising their children with more than one language through personalized consultations in one-on-one meetings (Vancouver area) and video calls (world-wide), as well as semi-personalized consultations for groups of 2 - 5 families. I also offer custom presentations and workshops on raising multilingual children for families and education professionals (click Services for more information).

Photography by J. Milev

"Anne really exceeded our expectations during our 2 online consulting sessions so far. We appreciate her counsel not only as a language expert, but as a mother who has already been down the road we are on. Her preparation and graphics were top notch, really more than we could have expected. It gives us some peace and confidence to have Anne in our corner, I predict that she will be getting a big hug from a trilingual speaker in the future!"