Bilingual Family Consulting

Answers for Multilingual Families

Hands-on strategies and practical information to help families raise multilingual children

MYTH: My child will become bilingual without much effort on my part.

FACT: Many children from multilingual families in the Lower Mainland become monolingual English speakers (even if their parents speak another language to them at home).

Raising children with more than one language typically requires thoughtful planning and conscious effort on the part of the parents.

Personalized consultations and workshops for multilingual families

I offer personalized consultations (video calls or in-person meetings) and interactive workshops for families on raising children with two or more languages (see Services for more information).

Custom presentations on child multilingualism topics for professionals

For professionals such as early childhood educators, community health nurses, librarians, speech language pathologists, doctors, teachers and school administrators, I offer presentations on a variety of topics regarding child multilingualism (see Services for more information).

Contact me if you have questions about:

  • Raising children with two or more languages
  • Speaking, reading & writing for bilingual or multilingual children
  • French immersion for monolingual or already multilingual children
  • Personalized recommendations and strategies for your multilingual family
  • Other questions related to children growing up with more than one language