Bilingual Family

Helping You Raise Multilingual Children

Welcome to Bilingual Family. If you are a professional working with multilingual families or if you are a family considering raising your children with two or more languages, you've come to the right place. Dr. Anne Rimrott, Ph.D., is a Vancouver-based linguist and language consultant working in the area of child multilingualism (see About me).

For Families:

I offer interactive workshops and individual consultations with families on raising children with two or more languages. My consultations cover a number of topics including bilingual language learning, trilingualism, and French immersion (see Services for more information).

For Professionals:

For professionals such as early childhood educators, community health nurses, librarians, speech language pathologists, doctors, teachers and school administrators, I offer presentations on a variety of topics in child multilingualism (see Services for more information).

Contact me if you have questions about:

  • Raising children with two or more languages
  • French immersion for monolingual or already multilingual children
  • Speaking, reading & writing for bilingual or multilingual children
  • Personalized recommendations and strategies for your multilingual family
  • Other questions related to bilingual or multilingual children